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Project Exposure

Project Exposure is a collaborative project by myself and printmaker/painter Jo Tunmer. Our focus for this project was based on the relationship between creativity, fear and courage. After spending weeks working with letterpress we realised that we were simply just talking about being courageous without actually doing it. We discovered that if we wanted to show courage […]

iPad Lettering

iPad lettering has become increasingly popular for lettering artists due to the advancing technology of tablets combined with electronic writing tools. After noticing this trend I decided to take a quick look into why many lettering artists are ditching the old pen and paper and creating pieces directly on an iPad instead. iPad Lettering by […]

Sam Roberts and Ghost Signs

Sam Roberts has a true passion for ghost signs. Speaking at the Letter Exchange, Roberts discusses his history with ghost signs and what he has learned about them through his research and documentation. The first part of the talk primarily focused to the meaning of a ghost sign and their definition The definition for ghost […]

Graphics at the London Design Festival 2015

This year the London Design Festival runs from the 19-27th of September, the annual event celebrates design through exhibitions, installations, events, workshops and seminars. I wanted to focus on Graphics at the London Design Festival and what events they have lined up for the ‘Graphics weekend’ on the 19th and 20th. Most the events listed are […]

Van Gogh Museum July 2015

As part of my visit to Amsterdam earlier this month, I visited the Van Gogh Museum. Although it might take you a while to actually get in, it is worth a visit if you – like many other people, are interested in the work of Van Gogh. The museum was separated into floors, each with its own […]

The History of the Jurassic Park Logo

Jurassic Park’s logo goes back to 1990 with the book cover design of Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park. The brief was given to designer Chip Kidd, and in his TED talk he takes us through the process of how he created the T-Rex icon: “Now luckily for me, I live and work in New York City where there are […]