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iPad Lettering

iPad lettering has become increasingly popular for lettering artists due to the advancing technology of tablets combined with electronic writing tools. After noticing this trend I decided to take a quick look into why many lettering artists are ditching the old pen and paper and creating pieces directly on an iPad instead. iPad Lettering by […]

Van Gogh Museum July 2015

As part of my visit to Amsterdam earlier this month, I visited the Van Gogh Museum. Although it might take you a while to actually get in, it is worth a visit if you – like many other people, are interested in the work of Van Gogh. The museum was separated into floors, each with its own […]

David Pearson at the Art Workers’ Guild

Last Wednesday as part of the Letter Exchange, designer David Pearson gave a talk on his book cover work and in particular, his work at Penguin Books. One of the most interesting elements of the talk was his use of certain rules, for example in the Penguin Great Ideas volumes only black and one other colour […]

5 Unexpected ‘The Hobbit’ Book Covers

The final installment of The Hobbit will soon be hitting our screens, in spirit of this I thought I would share some of these more unusual book covers. 5 Unexpected ‘The Hobbit’ Book Covers: 1. The Hobbit – Dutch – Illustration c. 1960 Love the colours and facial expressions on this one, very simplistic and fun. 2. The […]