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Project Exposure

Project Exposure is a collaborative project by myself and printmaker/painter Jo Tunmer. Our focus for this project was based on the relationship between creativity, fear and courage. After spending weeks working with letterpress we realised that we were simply just talking about being courageous without actually doing it. We discovered that if we wanted to show courage […]

Macbeth Motion Graphics

I have been busy studying an MA in Graphic Design and Typography since late September, for my first module I created a set of three motion graphics based on the play Macbeth. Using found typography and imagery from Shakespeare’s time, I created three videos, each one based around main characters. For each motion graphic I […]

Brush Lettering Location Postcards

I have always wanted to be better at hand lettering, after following some skillshare classes and trying out a few things, I have created these postcards to practice some of the new techniques that I have learnt. To create them, I have used either a Tombow black brush pen or the Pentel water brush pens […]

Stolen Paintings Infographic

This infographic was a small side project based on works of art, specifically paintings, that have been stolen and are worth over 1 million dollars. The data collected was very vast so I have narrowed it down to more recent thefts and focused in on what type of art is stolen and when. I was […]

Type Classification System Poster

When looking into type classification systems, you might realise how confusing they can be. Not only are there different classification systems, each with its own methods of categorising type differently, there are categories that are known by many different names. I decided to create an easy type classification system poster, focusing on one particular classification […]

My Recent Work March 2015

Shakespeare Font Over the past couple of weeks I have completely re-drawn the design for the Shakespeare font and I have been converting the design into a working font using a programme called Type 3.2. I have increased the overall width and weight of the glyphs and I have also designed a set of numerals and punctuation. […]