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Macbeth Motion Graphics

I have been busy studying an MA in Graphic Design and Typography since late September, for my first module I created a set of three motion graphics based on the play Macbeth. Using found typography and imagery from Shakespeare’s time, I created three videos, each one based around main characters. For each motion graphic I […]

Type Classification System Poster

When looking into type classification systems, you might realise how confusing they can be. Not only are there different classification systems, each with its own methods of categorising type differently, there are categories that are known by many different names. I decided to create an easy type classification system poster, focusing on one particular classification […]

What are Wingdings and Dingbats?

FF Providence Sans Dingbats by Guy Jeffrey Nelson (1994) What are Dingbats? A dingbat is an ornament, character, or spacer used when setting type; they are also known as a printer’s ornament or printer’s character. Dingbats are as old as movable type, printers used these ornaments to add borders, fleurons and other small pieces of imagery to printed materials. […]

Ken Garland on Street Typography

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I heard what this talk was about, did it refer to just graffiti or signs or something else? It turns out it was a bit of everything, Garland referred to many different forms of writing on the street and in the environment, which included; hopscotch, graffiti, stolpersteine, markings […]

My Recent Work March 2015

Shakespeare Font Over the past couple of weeks I have completely re-drawn the design for the Shakespeare font and I have been converting the design into a working font using a programme called Type 3.2. I have increased the overall width and weight of the glyphs and I have also designed a set of numerals and punctuation. […]

David Pearson at the Art Workers’ Guild

Last Wednesday as part of the Letter Exchange, designer David Pearson gave a talk on his book cover work and in particular, his work at Penguin Books. One of the most interesting elements of the talk was his use of certain rules, for example in the Penguin Great Ideas volumes only black and one other colour […]