Lisa Garner

The Insomnia Project

This project focuses on Insomnia. My aim was to define this sleeping disorder and inform my audience whilst taking an expressive and empathetic approach to those whom have experienced insomnia before. The idea to use the numerals of a digital alarm clock came early on in the process. I used a range of tools and materials to test out some possibilities such as using the laser cutter and sunlight. The most effective experimentation was the projection of light through laser cuts.

The next stage involved manipulating these photographs and converting them into a time-based medium such as video. Using After Effects I created thirteen one minute videos featuring different types of visual manipulation; using a combination of scale, rotation, opacity and other tools this was achieved. To present these videos I created a simple website with each video set to a specific hour, which then changed depending on the browser time of the computer accessing the website. The videos help to express the feeling of having insomnia and the accompanying text outlines some basic information.

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