Lisa Garner

Keane Vinyl Cover Artwork

For this project I created two alternative designs for a 7 inch vinyl cover for the song "Higher Than The Sun".

The first design was inspired by the lyrics of the single - particularly the way in which it describes and focuses on different emotions (joy, desire, despair), I wanted to reflect this through the pattern I designed and the different colours to represent the fluidity of emotion; the twisting forms in the pattern where also inspired by the corona effects of the sun. The central circle was added to represent a celestial body eclipsing the sun, but also resembles a vinyl record.

I chose a sunflower for the second design as I feel they are symbolic of Summer and also a reflection of happiness and the upbeat nature of the song. The flower is coloured in a slightly abstract way because I wanted again to recreate effects of the Sun - this time solar flares emitting from the central body.

Two Keane Vinyl Cover Designs for Higher Than The Sun Keane Vinyl Cover Design, Close up

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