Lisa Garner

Macbeth Motion Graphics

I created a set of three motion graphics based on the play Macbeth. Using found typography and imagery from Shakespeare's time, I created three videos, each one based around main characters.

For each motion graphic I used quotes from each of the main characters, I chose the focus on; Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and the three Witches as I felt these characters are most central to the plot. Each animation had to feel as if it was part of the same set whilst also expressing certain characteristics and elements of the plot unique to each character, to do this I used images, colour and animation to make each animation distinct.

The Witches motion graphic for example, needed to emphasise magic, darkness and the surreal elements of the play. This was achieved by using illustrations of animals featured in their spell, symbolism and a heavily textured paper for the background.

Whereas Macbeth focused on violence, madness and guilt, using suggestions of the colour red and iconography such as skeletons, daggers and crowns.

Finally, for Lady Macbeth, I wanted to focus more on her ambitious personality, her influence over Macbeth but also her eventual feelings of remorse and sorrow. I used a combination of images for her character, showing her earlier stages of manipulation with images such as the serpent coiled around the plant and then her later stages when she begins to sleepwalk and lose herself to guilt.

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