Lisa Garner

New Dynamics

In 2012 I worked on the Cambridge School of Art Degree Show "New Dynamics" publicity material and signage. I wanted to focus on representing the show as a group of individuals, rather than focusing on any particular pathway; the show is a celebration of all pathways and everyone in the School.

The focal points of the materials were the geometric shapes, with each student receiving their own. These shapes are intended to look unique, but clearly appear to be part of a set. The coloured panels correspond to the student's particular pathway. For instance, a red shape indicates an Illustration student and lime green represents Graphic Design. My desire to represent every pathway is mirrored in both the invitations and flyers which feature shapes from each course, totalling 11 different designs.

The name of the show, "New Dynamics" was a particular challenge. It is worth noting that this was the first year the show has had a name and is derived from the idea that students are beginning to move in different directions, different industries and are changing their lifestyles.

New Dynamics Poster Design New Dynamics Invitations and Flyers New Dynamics Flyer Design Close up New Dynamics Poster Design Close up New Dynamics Signage New Dynamics Pathway Signs New Dynamics 3D Shapes New Dynamics 3D Shapes and Nets

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