Lisa Garner

RHP Website and Template Design

Working as an in-house designer for an architecture company RHP (R H Partnership Architects), part of my role included the redesign of stationery materials, document templates and a new website. I altered the stationery designs so that they became far more consistent and simplified the designs to achieve a cleaner and precise look throughout. I carried this across into the document template designs, which were to be used not only by designers but also staff in order to create a myriad of reports, presentations and bid documents.

The redesign of the website was the biggest challenge. RHP's previous website was over 10 years old and was built entirely in Flash. This became very limiting for the company as time passed, restricting who could view the website. I decided that a a responsive website design would be effective at combating this and would also provide them with a flexible website that would function well in the years to come. The design is fresh and clean, using white space and large images to make the website more contemporary looking. There is a particular focus on current projects and events, helping to make the website more current. Overall, the redesign gave the company a more modern aesthetic and provided them with a fresh face for their digital presence.

During my three years as an in-house designer I also gained a lot of experience from working with architects on project specific work, producing diagrams and visuals as well as creating presentation boards, exhibition material and signage.

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