Lisa Garner

The Shakespeare Companion App

After attending the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival for the past few years, I found that it would be useful to know more about the play beforehand. From this I decided that I would like to design an app that could help people become more familiar with Shakespeare's plays. I found that many online and printed sources for information felt very heavy and contained far too much information when you are looking for brief summaries. I wanted to create a lighter and more contemporary approach in the app by using short, separated sections and paragraphs to make information easier to digest.

I selected three bright colours to indicate the Comedies, Tragedies and Histories, to make it easy to identify the different genres of the plays. Breaking each play into its own section, I split information further by creating a page for different topics. Each play contains an intro page, a map, quotes, a character list and synopsis. Short paragraphs and lists are used to make each page more readable and the user has the option to view more information if they want to continue further reading. I was particularly interested in using imagery throughout to make the app more visual and add another layer to the information. The app is ideal for someone who is interested in the works of Shakespeare, it could also be used to refresh your memory or to find out more about a play in advance.

I also created a typeface, which was used on the title pages for each of the plays. Inspired by Blackletter type, I wanted to create a font that would appear traditional but with a contemporary twist. I kept the basic structure of a Blackletter type, reducing the letterforms to create a simple and angled typeface. I made the design into a proper working font using Type 3.2, this allowed me to quickly set the titles and main title page in the font.

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